Effective Date: 1,28,2015

                                                                                                     All Sectors Involved

Section 1: Wot

Section 2: LOC

Section 3: NS

Section 4: CWN

Section 5: Reserves

All information is this paper is final and is the sole creation of the cwn nation. All sites and mmo games listed have areas on them that are used by cwn for its internal functions.

Budget Amount: 280,763,122,122,072.20 trillion dollars

Collected from ns, wot, loc, and national treasury hold.

CWN Nation Property and Created

WOT, World of Tanks. Section 1

The main need on world of tanks is tanks. Since this is a active combat area. Right now, we have 2 units on the site for combat, and that is a useful man amount for battle reasons.

Amount: 125,144 Credits use all for tanks development up to a level 5-6 tank system.

LOC, Legends of Chima, Section 2

44,625.80 full amount for spending cap.

The main are here is supplies, products, building materials, items. With this being a developing battles/community section, we need more items and supplies for members there. This much was gained by site work, so we can produce more, but this will be our starting cap for spending.  If we gain a site membership, we will produce more lot area for building and supply costs will rise a few percents.

NS, NationStates, Section 3

Christian empire, the capital region, has a large gdp, we want to take a tax percentage of that, and work out a budget system for ns. For this, we took 98,380,059,956,161.48 in the regional currency for projects that we will discuss at a later time. For the region of bunicken, it is a amount of 16781765320767.16, for the lpc region we have 9,550,530,841,488 for the tkj region we have 15,669,204,872,964.85.  the use of this will be determined at a later time.

CWN, Christainville Wik Nation, Section 4

No information added.

Reserves, Section 5

Once general allocation is completed, the reserve will be filled with the excess.